Find Great Band Links

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Great bands are hard to come by in today’s day and age. most of the music that we see today is mass produced. Producers look for that new sensation in order to turn him or her into a cash cow. Over produced music is something that continues to be a major issue within the entertainment industry. This is why you need to find websites that link you to band sites. Band websites allow you to gain a new point of view of the band, and the ways in which the band works. let’s take a look at some of the best ways to find band website links.

Websites like and HYPERLINK "" are great places to find website links to your favorite bands, or to new, previously undiscovered bands. These sites allow smaller bands to have a forum where others have access to their music. This is why they are so useful. However, there are plenty of official band websites for bands like The Black Keys, Spoon, and Rush, for example. These official sites hook you up with information about the newest albums, as well as tour dates.

Blogs are great resources for band links. Many blogs are dedicated to specific bands, or to specific genres of music. This makes a blog the ideal place to go for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that the blog moderator, as well as the blog contributors, can post links to various band websites. Some of these links do not take you to their official site, but they do take you to places where you can find their latest music. Blogs are great because true fans make comments about the latest news. This leads to information about where to find the best performances.

YouTube is a great place to go to get band links. The main reason is that most bands upload their music videos to YouTube. The most popular ones receive hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of views. This is great exposure for the band, and it also allows you to see the band perform live. Use YouTube to get live performance or interview videos. The site is also great for learning how to play some of your favorite songs. Step-by-step tutorials often show fans how to play certain guitar riffs. You should also use it to get the best links to other band resources. Bands want to spread their skills, so visit this website to get the best information.

Some personal fan websites are great as well. People who love a certain band will devote an entire fan page to them. This allows them to share favorite songs, share concert dates, or spread information about the band and current projects. Music has the anility to change lives, and fans understand this. True fands build comprehensive websites that cover all of the bases. Conduct a quality Google search to determine which websites allow you to learn more about your band of choice. These sites often lead you to new bands.