A New Musical Quality: Meridian

London Bridge

We live in a time when it is difficult to find great music. Most of the music that we do hear, comes from the work of computer generators and producers. The general lack of musical talent in today's landscape makes it tough to differentiate quality music from poor music. However, there are some bands that do stand out from the rest. The UK-based band called Meridian, is one of those bands. This band is gaining notoriety for being able to blend a unique set of instruments together to create an incredibly rich, folk sound. Most of today’s modern music does not live up to the hype. People make music to try to make money. Quality bands, like Meridian, make music because they love to do it.

The instrumentals that the band employs consist of wood wind instruments, guitar, and vocals. The band members’ names are, Richard Jones, Anna Tabbush, and Chris Walshaw. All of the band members do their part to make the band run smoothly. They come from various backgrounds of music, and this only serves to add to their musical appeal. This blending of styles makes the band stand out from cookie-cutter bands that play the same old songs each and every day. You can truly tell that Meridian does not focus on solely making money, but rather, they focus on making quality music.

Another aspect of this band is their unique arrangement. Each one of the band members contributes a different skill set to the music that they create. This allows them to stand out from the crowd when they perform for smaller, or even larger, audiences. Consider the fact that they do an excellent job blending their talents together to create folk music that gets people up to dance. Their incredible chordal work is unmatched by many of the other, similar bands in the UK who focus on folk music. if you want to experience real talent, listen to Meridian.

Have you ever gone to a live concert and wondered why the sound was so awful? This is what happens when you go to shows that feature music that is over-produced. Real musical talent shines through wonderfully when you see it live. This is especially true as it relates to folk music. Meridian puts on incredible shows that leave their crowds stunned. The live music they create does not require the use of synthesizers or computers. Wind instruments make up the bulk of their production. This allows them to create an extremely authentic sound for all to enjoy.

Folk music is full of emotion, and this makes it perfect for people who love to experience expression through instrumental music. The vocals that you will find in the songs created by Meridian are smooth and melodic. They allow you to enjoy the music on a different level from other bands in the same musical genre. Do yourself a favor, and find the time to experience all that Meridian has to offer.